Abortion Pill

Considering a Medical Abortion?

Do you have questions about taking the "abortion pill" in Lubbock Texas?

Prior to a medical or chemical abortion, it is vital to gain more information about your possible pregnancy to ensure your health and safety.

A medical abortion (aka taking the "abortion pill") is actually accomplished by taking a series of pills given by an abortion provider. These pills must be administered prior to the 10th week of your pregnancy.  So, before taking abortion pills, it is necessary to determine how far into the pregnancy you are by obtaining an ultrasound.

At For Her, we provide a free pregnancy test and a free ultrasound. We will answer your questions regarding what to expect when taking an abortion pill and educate you on your options. During the ultrasound, you will gain the valuable information needed to help you in your decision making process.

The three main reasons to come to For Her for your no-cost ultrasound:

     1. Learn how far along you are 

  • Taking abortion pills can be very dangerous if your pregnancy is further along than you expect. During your ultrasound appointment, we will be able to accurately determine the gestational age of your pregnancy and how far along you actually are.

     2. Discover if your pregnancy in is the uterus

  • Your pregancy may actually be located outside of your uterus; this is called an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy can be a serious medical emergency, and taking abortion pills can result in extreme harm to you.

     3. Determine if your pregnancy is developing/ viable

  • A positive pregnancy test must be followed with an ultrasound. Many pregnancies do not fully develop and will end in miscarriage. Viability is easily determined on an ultrasound, and this should always be evaluated prior taking any type of abortion pill, as an abortion may not need to be considered. 

* For Her Women's Medical Services does not preform or refer for abortion.